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Lyme literacy isn’t just for Doctors, you yourself
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  • Become Lyme Literate at your own speed with access to a curated web class featuring videos, infographics, BetterBook chapters, and PDFs
  • Understanding the Process of Kill, Dissolve, Bind will reduce anxiety and allow you to have better conversations with your Doctors
  • Build printable plans to share with your Doctor
  • Become Lyme Literate and take back your life
  • Learn from JP Davitt - Author of Betterbook - Lyme Warrior - 10 years with Chronic neuro Lyme
  • J. P. resolved 40+ symptoms using the foundational process Kill, Dissolve, Bind
  • J.P. shares the tools and processes that have taken him 10 years and $200,000 to create

Curated plans to use on the Lymefriends Planning Tool

Lymefriends Planning Tool

  • Online learning using an easily digestible library of videos, infographics, fact sheets, printable PDFs
  • Skills, short cuts, failures, and successes
  • Learn anytime and anywhere at your own pace


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What is LymeIQ?

Use of Lymefriends Planning tool

Combines daily interaction on Crowdcuring with the foundational process of Kill, Dissolve, Bind.

Healing in layers

When you heal your most troubling symptom another symptom of less importance to your body will emerge. The new symptom will become your top priority.

Custom-built plans

LymeIQ will help you build a plan to resolve your top symptom so that you can repeat the process, knocking off symptom after symptom.

Realistic goal setting

Working together on Crowdcuring you make healing goals realistic and time-bound.

The help of our community

Think of LymeIQ as your team to that helps you resolve symptoms faster and cheaper.

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