All the benefits of Lyme Friends, Plus!

Lymefriends Plus will give you a plan and tools to heal using the process of Kill, Dissolve Bind as the foundation.

A Lyme Friends Plus membership includes:

1-hour Group Coaching Workshop

Built around the foundational process of Kill, Dissolve, Bind. Coaching workshop will be a catalyst to kick off healing.

Access to the Crowdcuring Planning Platform

Our repeatable 5 step process to target and resolve one symptom at a time.

Enter Symptoms, Target Symptoms, Select Regimens, Daily Interactions, and Printable Plan

Printed plan with complimentary doctor appointments

Earn more time with your practitioners as they see how hard you are working to become symptom-free

Digital copy of the Better Book

Change your literacy around healing as you become One Day Better

    Why is Lyme Friends Plus Better?

    Use of Crowdcuring platform

    Combines daily interaction on Crowdcuring with the foundational process of Kill, Dissolve, Bind.

    Healing in layers

    When you heal your most troubling symptom another symptom of less importance to your body will emerge. The new symptom will become your top priority.

    Custom-built plans

    Lymefriends Plus will help you build a plan to resolve your top symptom so that you can repeat the process, knocking off symptom after symptom.

    Realistic goal setting

    Working together on Crowdcuring you make healing goals realistic and time-bound.

    The help of our community

    Think of Crowdcuring as your team to that helps you resolve symptoms faster and cheaper.

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