A Journey to Becoming One Day Better.

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About the Author

JP Davitt had it all. A star athlete and academic with a sculpted physique and an unquenchable desire to win. A great family and strong network of friends and allies. Then one day, everything changed. He lost weight, lost memories, lost friends, and lost his sense of self—until he found a community who helped him discover his new purpose. From that point forward, he has been focused on making each day better and helping others do the same. Find your path to wellness by learning from the insights of one man’s journey to heal. Follow JP from onset of illness through discovery and healing.

What I Did to Heal

Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

In my years of desperation, I begged a higher power to make a change in my health. I attempted to mentally take charge of my pain; use ‘mind over matter’ to halt it in its tracks. I could not escape the prison that was my body. Within this section find out what I did to heal myself and find peace with my unplanned health issues.

What You Can Do to Heal

Take the mystery out of your disease and learn how you can heal your soul, body, and mind within this section.

Chapter Preview

Becoming the best you all starts with the turn of a page.

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