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LymeCoaching will empower your recovery and expand your network of support.

Build a plan to achieve the Impossible. Learn different Modalities of healing.

Coaching Sessions focus on different Healing Modalities

  • Physical and Supplement regimens will be your catalyst for healing.
  • Become your own advocate. You will need a team, coordination helps your find the right practitioners faster.
  • Don't waste time and resources on the wrong supplements.

LymeCoaching will empower your recovery and expand your network of support

Reduce Recovery Costs

Helping you to use your limited financial resources and tools in the most efficient way possible to shorten the time you suffer from Lyme symptoms

Find The Right Partners

J.P. Davitt will help you find the right-Team of practitioners for you. Understanding different healing modalities. Increasing awareness helping you know what you need  and which practitioner to contact when you need them.

Better Faster

Learn answers it took JP 10 years to discover. As you increase Lyme Literacy. You will find answers and resolve symptoms faster.

What you can expect

All of our coaching sessions include:

One Month Program to Build Your Personal Lyme Plan

Four 60 Minute 1 on 1 online Coaching Sessions. Gain exposure to different healing modalities that are impactful for Lyme.

Curated access to The Lymefriends Planning Tool

Work together with your J.P. Davitt on the Lymefriends Planning Tool working towards resolving symptoms.

A personalized printable plan

Print your personalized plan that we create together on Lymefriends Planning Tool. Use a printed plan to work with your primary care physician between monthly coaching sessions.


Receive a signed copy of Lyme Book

Use your copy of Lyme Book and Lymefriends Planning Tool to become activated and One Day Better

Learn more about our full offering and benefits!

Together we will make this journey


Ready to Become One Day Better.
Let’s Build a Plan Together