Kill, Dissolve, Bind

Kill, Dissolve Bind is the process that changed my life.

Lyme disease is a collection of symptom that result from infection within a host. When I started planning regimens for follow to follow K, D, B process is when I saw a drastic reduction in symptoms caused by my Lyme Infection. Lyme Disease is caused by bacteria: Specifically spirochete type bacteria with strain name B. Burgdoferi. Lyme infection usually originates following a bite from an infected insect. Bacteria are opportunistic foreign invaders that eat their hosts. The bacteria that causes Lyme are microscopic spiral shaped bacteria.

Microscopic, they thrive in colonies. Individual bacteria find the weakest, lowest blood flow areas and hide in them; eating cells and consuming our resources they multiply. To communicate Lyme bacteria use a language called corum sensing. A language that functions similar to the way our hormones allow our systems to communicate with one another. Corum sensing allows the bacteria to work together as intelligent communities colonizing their hosts.

When an environment is unfavorable Lyme bacteria form cysts that calcify acting as a defense force field. Our primary defense is to create a hostile unfavorable environment by taking antibiotics. Many of the Lyme bacteria will die, but many will survive by forming antibiotic resistant cysts.

The Immune system cannot detect the bacteria within the calcified cyst, and antibiotics may not kill all of the bacteria. Symptoms may subside and bacteria lay dormant for years.

When an infected host becomes weak, Lyme bacteria attack their host as a team. Corum sensing to create a plan for deployment, they organize and attack in force. Lyme bacteria eat you to death. The more unhealthy the body they invade the more damage they will do.  The infection will become worse and worse over time. Lyme bacteria work to create a favorable Lyme environment in which they can multiply within you and opportunistically take over their host.

We have to Kill, Dissolve, and Bind together.


Bacteria are literally trying to eat us. It’s the circle of life and they are opportunistic. If bacteria see an opportunity to eat weak deficient cells they will take it. You have to Kill them before they kill you. Human beings are significantly more evolved than a simple bacteria and your immune system is smarter than any bacteria. The weaker you are the more likely you are to lose the fight against Lyme Bacteria. If you give your body the right tools and food then you can kill even the toughest bacteria.

To destroy bacteria the most widely used regimen are antibiotics. Antibiotics are very effective when the infection is caught early and is contained to the blood stream. If antibiotics are ineffective, it is most likely because the smart Lyme bugs are forming cysts to hide in the unfavorable environment created by the antibiotics. Lyme bacteria are said to go dormant inside cysts to wait for a more favorable environment to attack. To kill bacteria you must destroy the cyst first. Many Lyme Doctors compliment antibiotics with Cyst busting medication phlagyl. Used to dissolve the cysts.

For me antibiotics were not 100% effective and I had more luck with an herbal supplement called SPK made by Kroeger herb. Using this supplement I do not believe that the bacteria sensed the unfavorable environment. The supplement seemed to be stealth eluding the bacteria’s defenses.

I have heard of many different regimens that will kill Lyme Bacteria. Ideas ranging from Intravenous vitamin C, to Stevia and Rife Machines. When Lyme bacteria die they carcass breaks up into a neuro-toxin. The neuro-toxin coats the nerves like grease on a pan after you make hamburgers. Attempting to clean greasy hamburger (cow muscle cells), you will just smeer the grease attempting to use a paper towel.


Neurotoxins must be dissolved. Free floating neuro-toxins bombard the nervous system. Sticking to nerves, muscles and fascia. They break down healthy cells and cause bunching restricting blood flow and movement.

To clean a greasy hamburger pan add a little dish soap. The grease breaks down chemically and is easily washed away with some water. To cleanse neuro-toxins they need to be chemically broken down like the grease on the hamburger pan. Neuro-toxins exist as remnants of Lyme bacteria carcasses. The toxins need to be dissolved like a Greasy pan is cleaned.

I had many changes after killing the Lyme bacteria using different Regimen combinations to kill the bacteria. Symptoms changed. Many disappeared, but my leg pain actually increased and acted like a fibromyalgia feeling throughout my body. Deep bone pain. I was also much colder. Nerves throughout the body were all hyper sensitive. Dissolving Lyme Toxins requires Doctor’s supervision as if done to quickly can wreak havoc on the nervous system and Liver.

The most effective regimen for me was a specific neuro-toxin dissolving tincture, but I always supplemented with glutathione and Vitamin C and they both helped significantly to lower the neuro-toxin burden.


Bind free floating Neuro-toxin particles. The Lyme toxins will be escorted from the body through blood stream and bound in the bowel/colon/intestines. If the Lyme neuro-toxins are not bound they will regularly be reabsorbed into the blood stream in leaky large intestines. Leaky intestines caused by, the antibiotics killing the good bacteria that inhabit the intestines. The good bacteria or probiotics keep the micro-environment of the large intestine healthy.  Lyme patients take massive amounts of antibiotics. The good bacteria die. The intestines become rotted and weaker. The intestines become over run with bad bacteria and the intestines start to look like an unkept inner city yard compared to manicured country club lawn or garden.

Recirculation and reabsorption of toxins caused from unhealthy intestines causes auto immune as the immune system attacks healthy cells that absorb the recirculated neuro-toxin remnants. Some examples of supplements that I used for binding are charcoal, Zeolite, and calcium glucarate.

Kill, Dissolve, Bind can be a long process and won’t be easy.

Healing occurs in layers and every time you heal your most troubling symptom another symptom of less importance to your body will emerge. The new symptom will become your top priority.

We will give you a plan and tools to keep healing

Lyme friends are activated and prepared to resolve Lyme symptoms.

To resolve a bunch of symptoms we are going to…

Kill, dissolve, and bind together