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Lymefriends mission is to increase vocabulary and literacy around Lyme.

Reduce anxiety and resolve symptoms sooner

Lymefriends is Crowdcuring Lyme Disease

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Free and easy-to-use online platform. Find help and help others with our symptom matching algorithms. Track symptoms, find unique regimens and build your healing plan.

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Become Lyme literate at your own speed with interactive videos and infographics. Lyme IQ is a foundational web class for Lyme. Don’t know where to start? Start here!


Youtube for Lyme. Find answers in easy-to-absorb content. Share success stories. Work together to build the answers our Lyme community needs.

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Lyme instructional manual written from a patient perspective. Authored by Lymefriends founder J.P. Davitt following his 10 year battle with chronic neurological Lyme. J.P. is now symptom-free and explains how a fresh perspective and personal understanding of your disease will speed the time in which it takes to heal.


Take the confusion out of supplements. Lyme Store gives a curated playbook to help you in your battle against the symptoms of Lyme disease.

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Lyme TV show – quick and productive information presented in a unique way. The goal of Lyme Time is to change the way you perceive your disease. We concentrate on decision-making and conserving precious resources in your battle.

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Working together to resolve Lyme diseases symptoms