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Lymefriends mission is to increase vocabulary and literacy around Lyme.

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Lymefriends digital health planning tool and Lymestream video Library simplify the healing process, making information easily digestible and manageable.

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Lymefriends Digital Planning Tool

Lymefriends digital planning tool offers hope to the millions of people suffering from Lyme Disease. We provide a free, easy-to-use online platform to help people track and chart daily to gain a better understanding of their health and how behaviors, choices and lifestyles have an impact on health. 

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Lymstream is a video Library to find answers and share success stories. Join and find others looking for answers. The video library built by Lyme Conquers and those looking to learning to conquer their Lyme Disease. Together we will build Lymestream video library to help others now and in the future. 

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Free Lyme Foundations Web Class

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Learn Lymefriends 3 step process and receive a digital copy of Lyme Book

Lyme Book

A Journey to Become One Day Better

This narrative outlines JP Davitt’s path to wellness through a network of community and shared information. Follow JP from the onset of illness through discovery and healing to become one day better each and every day.

Working together to resolve Lyme diseases symptoms