Achieve together what is impossible
to achieve alone.

Join our group sessions and get the training needed to become One Day Better.

Group coaching is the next step for you if...

  • Desperate for answers and doctors don't understand
  • Confused and lonely in need of daily actions to change
  • Exhausted and sick of telling your story over and over
  • Better working with a team adding accountability to healing

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    Together we will make this journey

    Meet our team of activated Lyme disease advocates:


    LymeCoaching will empower your recovery and expand your network of support

    Reduce Recovery Costs

    Helping you to use your limited financial resources and tools in the most efficient way possible to shorten the time you suffer from Lyme symptoms

    Find The Right Partners

    Work with Lyme Veterans who have over 100 collective years of experience

    Increase Lyme Literacy

    Learn in 5 months what it took JP 10 years to discover

    What you can expect

    All of our group coaching sessions include:

    Five Coaching Sessions With Lyme Literate Practitioners

    Cost-effective advice from the experts. Each monthly featured expert specializes in different modalities and strategies of healing.

    Access The Crowdcuring Platform

    Communicate between monthly webinars and work together withe your Lymefriends team on the Crowdcuring symptom resolution platform.

    A personalized printable plan

    Print your personalized plan that we create together on Use a printed plan to work with your primary care physician between monthly coaching sessions.

    Receive a copy of Betterbook and a one month supply of supplements

    Use your copy of Betterbook and one month supply of Foundational Supplements to become activated and One Day Better

    Learn more about our full offering and benefits!


    Repeatable and measurable progress. The sooner I learned how to articulate these symptoms the sooner I became One Day Better

    Kill, Dissolve, Bind

    Lyme disease is a collection of symptoms that results from infection within a host. When I started planning regimens for following to follow K, D, B process is when I saw a drastic reduction in symptoms caused by my Lyme Infection.


    Cleanse and Absorption

    There are millions of supplements and supplement combinations, but in the end, they are either helping your body to cleanse or absorb. Your body either needs to absorb nutrients to grow. Your body must ingest binders to cleanse.



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