Lyme Coaching Offerings and Benefits

What you can expect from Lyme Coaching

  • Four 1 on 1 online coaching sessions(1 Intake and 3 Working Sessions)
  • Coaching will build month on month using access to Lymefriends Planning Tool.
  • Each session will provide exposure to new modalities of healing
  • Monthly coaching will be hosted by JP Davitt.
  • A personalized printable plan
  • Access To Lyme IQ
  • Copy of Lyme Book authored by founder JP Davitt

Why is Lyme Coaching better?

Designed to be complimentary vs competing

This means that Lyme Coaching can complement your Doctor’s order and helping to plan puts you in the driver’s seat vs hanging on for dear life.

Resolve symptoms with Crowdcuring

Specialized Lyme menus allow all members of Lyme Friends and Lyme coaching to begin speaking the same language of symptom resolution.

Harnesses big data

We can use menu-driven data entry to make terms, regimens, and symptoms searchable so that members of all education levels can complement one another.

Reduces costs

Lymefriends work together sharing ideas to reduce costs and time it takes to reduce symptoms.

Foundational healing concepts

Features Kill, Dissolve, Bind and Cleanse and absorption

The sequence of events following a purchase

What to expect

  • Begin Crowdcuring and becoming One Day Better
  • Change your vocabulary and litercy around Lyme
  • Lyme Coaching  teach you the healing processes necessary to become symptom-free. Lymecoaching uses the healing processes that took founder J.P. Davitt 15 years to master.

Expectations: School Requirements

  • Participants are expected to join coaching sessions in a learning environment that reduces interruption. (this is serious stuff-reserve a room or get a babysitter)
  • Join monthly sessions in an isolated environment with an internet-capable computer.
  • Activation and the daily completion of 2 regimens using Lymefriends Planning Tool. Each participant is expected to complete one physical and one supplement regimen daily.

Your Backpack

  • Bring your supplements and regimens to monthly classes.
  • Bring rollers or other healing tools you may want to use.
  • Take this time for you. You can return to your life helping others following.

Lunch Box

  • Pack a lunch if you have low blood sugar or special dietary needs.
  • Bring a drink and schedule accordingly.

Your Trapper Keeper

  • No paper notes or stickies needed. We save and organize all relevant records for you.
  • All of your Activation is menu-driven on Lymefriends Planning Tool.
  • Lymefriends Planning Tool enables you to access health data in usable forms and simplifies finding help from peers.


  • Use Crowdcuring daily interacting with peers.
  • You will evolve after 5 months.


  • Set your SMART goals – menu-driven goal setting – fast and easy entry


  • We have simplified the process. You do not have to be a tech genius.
  • Included in your membership is ongoing access to your monthly completed webinars.
  • Also included is lifetime access to platform.
  • Crowdcuring allows you to build, and evolve your healing plans.
  • Recording all past resolved symptoms and regimens for swift future access.

Security Guard

  • We are a start-up.
  • is the only place personal information can be accessed by outside parties. Crowdcuring users can choose to use an anonymous profile like all social media platforms allow for. Health data is user-driven and user entered.
  • Your name or personal information is not necessary. We are working together to build data that will change Lyme disease treatment. We are open to all suggestions. We will fix and adopt policies as we go.

Ready to Become One Day Better.
Let’s Build a Plan Together!