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Lyme Coaching

Piers and practitioners work together to shorten the learning curve and decrease the time it takes to resolve symptoms. My name is J.P. Davitt author of Better Book, founder of Lyme Friends and Crowdcuring. Your body has remarkable healing abilities if you give it what it needs. Lymefriends provide foundations and your body does the rest.

The Lyme Epidemic

Lyme disease is an epidemic. Lyme Friends is building an easily accessible bank of information for all to access. Please help us grow our resource library by sharing ideas you feel will make a change or increase awareness. Share PDF’s and clips to


Symptom resolution requires the correct tools used in correct order. Increase the speed you resolve symptoms and increase your healthcare vocabulary and literacy at…

Better Book

Follow my story from onset of illness through the discovery and healing that led to the creation of

Kill, Dissolve, Bind

First – We Kill Bacteria

Second – We Dissolve their dead carcass

Third – We bind the positively charged carcass remnants, and escort out of the body

Cleanse and Absorption

In order for the body to become One Day Better a change must occur on a cellular level. Cells are brilliant and when given the right food and environment have a remarkable ability to heal.